Fatih Tura (23) is a film-editor based in Amsterdam.


In 2012 Fatih graduated as a video editor from the ROC Creative College.

After that, he applied for the study 'editing' at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam.

During this four year study Fatih worked with different directors on several movies. He edited (among other things): the feature film '30 Milligram' which had a premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival and a music video for Armin van Buren ft. Kensington. Fatih followed his internship at Sandor Soeteman NCE, where he leared a lot and worked on the Dutch TV-Series 'Overspel III' and the feature film 'Adios Amigos'.


Fatih graduated in 2016, for which he edited two graduation movies. The short fiction film: 'When Grey is a colour', an the short documentary 'The Origin of Trouble'. Both films won some awards and are now traveling around the world on different film festivals.


After his graduation, Fatih became a freelance editor. He has been and is currently working on several fiction films, TV-series, documentaries, commercials and music videos.

You can find a selection of his work in this website.

Fatih is a creative, fast working, fast thinking and hard working editor.

Full Filmography (PDF)
Complete Resume (PDF)